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A paternity test is a recognized legal means of establishing the paternity of a child. Trinity DNA Solutions performs paternity tests for various legal and personal reasons including:

  • Child support;
  • Custody;
  • Adoption;
  • Citizenship and Immigration;
  • Inheritance and Benefits (i.e. insurance, social security); and
  • Peace of mind

Obviously, the value of this test is critical. A paternity test does not have to be a court ordered procedure and can be administered at any time.

Sampling Method

Trinity DNA Solutions' Paternity Test offers precise results that are legal and admissible in courtroom situations. Trinity DNA Solutions utilizes the buccal swab collection method. The specimen may be collected in our laboratory or in any of the hundreds of certified collection labs nationwide.

The sample is processed using the latest DNA analysis technology. A genetic profile is generated using the same 16 DNA markers used in police forensic cases; like you see on TV.


A complete legal report is written by a forensic scientist that describes the likelihood of the paternity in terms of either inclusion, a positive match; or exclusion, no match.

In the case of inclusion, a statistical ratio is calculated that determines how much more likely the alleged father is to being the biological father than a random man from a given population.

Fee Schdule




Standard Trio Paternity Test

includes: mother, child, alleged father


Additional Test

includes: child or alleged father


Motherless Paternity Test 

includes: child and alleged father $300.00

Sibling Relationship Test

includes: mother and two (2) siblings $600.00

Twin Zygosity

Identical/Fraternal Relationship $400.00

Collection Fee

For samples collected off-premises  $45.00

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