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Identi-SAFE DNA Kits for Emergency Personnel

America's emergency services employees firefighters, police, EMT's, ambulance, transportation and energy employees all work in a hazardous environment. And while thousands go to work everyday and return home safely, sometimes things go wrong. It's at that time that knowledge and experience make a difference.

Trinity DNA Solutions' Identi-SAFETM DNA Identification is a personal identification program that during a tragedy can provide investigators and families with vital and timely information.

The genetic markers used in the Identi-SAFETM DNA Identification are the same 16 markers profiled in police forensic cases. During emergencies, crime labs are often reduced to trying to obtain a victim's DNA sample from items such as razors, toothbrushes, or hairbrushes. Unfortunately, not every attempt is successful.

We believe the value of this service is plain to see:

  • Builds employee confidence to know that in the event of a tragedy every effort will be made to Identify them.
  • Alleviates stress on family members during a time of crisis.
  • Test results are delivered fast and with the highest degree of accuracy.
  • Trinity DNA Solutions is a forensically accredited laboratory; each genetic profile is capable of being uploaded into the state and national DNA database for missing persons.

 The Identi-SAFETM DNA Identification is a simple, cost-effective, and unique solution in case of a tragedy in high risk occupations.











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